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ICAD Design Days (IDD) is an annual design event held by INTI’s Center of Art & Design (ICAD) in conjunction with ico-D’s World Design Day (WDD) and IFI’s World Interiors Day (WID).

A celebration consisting of various carefully curated activities, including talks, workshops, and exhibitions, it aims to bring together different design disciplines and celebrate the industry’s diversity, while raising awareness towards their increasing connectedness and impact towards our wellbeing.


The theme for WDD2020, “Be Professional”, and WID2020, “Nexus Interiors”, form the core concept of our own event.

There is a strong calling in the world today for a call to action in the role and responsibilities of a designer towards humanity, environment and culture, while advocating for a positive, ethical relationship between the design industry and our world.

This calling echoes in the four values of our own Manifesto:


The ICAD Manifesto

Ethical Diamond

Ethical Design

to design for positive change in society and the world

Competitive Triangle

Competitive Edge

to foster a belief in competitions to achieve a creative edge

Multidisciplinary Square

Multidisciplinary Practice

to encourage growth through cross-disciplinary knowledge

Industrial Circle

Industrial Relations

to collaborate closely with industry partners to create a lifelong experience

ICAD Design Days 2020 Reiterating Bearings

As such, the four main directions of our ICAD Manifesto – ethical design, industrial relations, competitive edge, and multidisciplinary practice – has inspired the IDD2020 theme titled REITERATE BEARINGS

Breaking down the titular theme – to reiterate means to repeat something for emphasis and clarity, while “bearings” symbolises an understanding of directions to guide your position; it is also in reference to the manner in which one conducts oneself. With this reason, the launch of IDD2020 seeks to align our directions for the year with a series of activities that re-emphasizes ICAD’s values and philosophies.

Engage with us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter : @icaddesigndays
To kickstart ICAD’s bearings for 2020, we will be using a series of thought-provoking questions that was gathered from the various perspectives of our industry stakeholders to guide us through our creative journey. These questions will inspire our project briefs, events, and activities throughout the year.