MUSE – The ICAD Staff Showcase 2.0

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In mythology, the Nine Muses were goddesses who symbolised artistic inspirations. Today, as a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a noun, it refers to the source of an artist’s inspiration. An artistic feast for the eyes, the week-long showcase was launched on 22nd October 2019 by Dr. Jane Lim, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang, and Mr. Eric Lee, Academic Dean of INTI International College Subang.

As a token of appreciation, masterpieces made by ICAD lecturer and co-curator of the showcase, Ahmad Hamzah Ramli, were presented to Dr Jane and Mr Eric by the Dean of ICAD, Ang Tong Yin.

Officiating the event and presentation of the token. From left to right: Ahmad Hamzah Ramli, Ang Tong Yin, Dr. Jane and Mr. Eric.

The showcase included handmade experimental pieces, ranging from digital artworks to 3D sculptures, showing off some of the finest artistic talents of our academic as well as support staff. The artists’ works are more than just a manifestation of their muses; these artworks serve as a muse to visitors, students, and other staff as well.


Syakir Hashim with his artwork entitled “Isolated” – a two-piece artwork made with elements of concrete, wood, steel rod, and random objects.


Calligraphy master, Tee Ying Jie created two pieces of artworks entitled “Love I” and “Love II”, both conveying a meaningful message of unity through the merging of the words ‘love’ in Chinese and Arabic characters.


Ahmad Hamzah’s “How You Like It Now?” uses epoxy resin to trap moulded watermelon and melted ice-cream into an ice-cream shaped mold.


“Breaking the Habit” by Mike Teo was the subject of many conversations at the showcase, evoking a myriad of questions and admiration of visitors at the showcase.


Mohd Sufi’s “Parametric” marker piece illustrates a maze of architecture in, possibly, a dystopian future.


Akmal Ariffin’s artwork entitled “Enetophobia” features a bodice entrapped by hundreds of needles and pins.


Hand-built pottery by Melissa D’Cruz, made using traditional sculpting techniques. Enamoured by nature, she uses that as her theme for many of her explorations.


ICAD Dean, Ang Tong Yin, posing with her water-marbling artwork, entitled “Motion”.