Wise Words from ICAD

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Wise Words from ICAD is an initiative to boost positive vibes to the public throughout this MCO period. It aims to give the public a morale cheer that through every hurricane, there is sunshine at the end – a symbol of hope for everyone whether they are on the frontline or battling to survive Covid-19 or even staying at home for the benefit of humankind.

Here is a selection of works from the virtual exhibition, please view the full collection at the webpage archive:- https://iicsicad.wixsite.com/wisewords


“So Far Away” — Muhamad Syahrin Mohd Nazri, Lecturer of ICAD ↑


“Add Oil II” — Tee Ying Jie, Lecturer of ICAD ↑


“Hero I” — Akmal Ariffin, Lecturer of ICAD ↑


“Add Oil – tribute to COVID-19 Heros” — Ting Yu Ling, Head Of Programme of CDE and CFDE ↑