Fariz Hanapiah, ECD, Motiofixio

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As part of the effort to ICAD Design Days to stimulate deeper discussions with the design community on the nature of being a design professional and the values of our work as a collective, we reached out to various industry practitioners and stakeholders, seeking their perspectives on a series of thought-provoking questions on current issues in relation to the core values professionalism.

Fariz Hanapiah, Executive creative director at Motiofixio shares his thoughts with us.


What should the relationship between the academia and the industry be? How are we able to bridge the gap between what the academia is producing and what the industry is demanding (skills/traits/attitude, etc.)?

I think it should be a two way relationship between the academia and the industry. The industry will need the academia to prepare the right human resource for them and the academia needs the industry to let them know what is relevant and what is not.


What does “multidisciplinary” mean to you? In your practice/industry, do you think it is more important to be a “generalist” or a “specialist”, and why?

Being multidisciplinary has never been so important until recently. I wouldn’t put it as being more important than the others, someone still needs to be identified as good at one thing to get people to be interested in them but it should not be the only thing he does to survive the competition he faces. I think this applies to any other industries as well.


How has your industry incorporated ethical practices, if there are any? Do you think ethical responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the artist/designers or the client, or both?

Definitely both. But when it comes to creative based industry it is really hard to find regulation and policies set, let alone enforcement. Things can get pretty tough.


Are the nature of awards and competitions still relevant today and why?

I think it is still relevant especially when you are still finding ways to get your first break into the industry. The bad thing happens when people start abusing it and projects that are made on purpose specifically for awards. They’re definitely missing the point even if the project is good to stand by its own.


What do you think is important for the arts practitioners/designers of the future to think about and challenge?

The adaptability to change. Understanding human behaviour. Making full use of technology. Ability to tell a story. These are definitely things that they should be thinking about and it will be a big challenge if these are not well thought of.